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    Cloud Kilbert

    Hey, my name is Cloud. I’m having issues with my LG 29′ curve monitor – It’s unable to push audio to Headphones / External speakers. I’m unsure what this issue may be.

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      Hi Cloud,
      Usually as soon as you plug external speakers which they should be powered spaeakers to to headphone jack,The Monitor should route the sound to those external spaekers.
      Otherwise You should be able to do that in the menu of the Monitor.
      Please check the manual which it comes with unit, If you don’t have it, You should be able to downloaded from LG website.
      I hope this help to fix your problem.

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    i have a 60 inch smart tv a Vizio the screen is dark you cant hardly see the words is it able to fix and roughly how much would it cause to get fixed?

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      Hi Gregory,
      Possiable defective back light.
      Would you please provide the Model number.
      Thank you


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