If your PS4 is not working properly, keep shutting down on you or your fan is making loud Noise while operating or simply the fan is stopped, We can help you to resolve those problems.

Common PS4 problems Repair.

HDMI Replacement.

One of the most common PS4 repair is replacing defective or damaged original HDMI witha new HDMI port. As most of the PS4 repair centers agree the original HDMI ports on PS4’s were designed bad so they broke very easily. The newer PS4 models have better HDMI ports but they still break or go defective as soon as you trip over the cord. We will install a new HDMI port on your unit which is bettere than the original Port.

Disc Drive Repair

If your disc drive has stopped working, reading discs, makes noise, or even does not take the disc in, we can repair or replace it with a new drive. As the unite ages all parts start to wear out. The disc drive laser, rollers and gears and more….

Overheating Repair

If your PS4’s fan makes very loud noise, or turns off byslef, This is the sign of Overheating, We can fix this problem for you for a very reasonable price!We clean the heat sink, Replace the thermal paste & thermal pads and clean the fan also which usually collects lots of dust and the unit will start running cooler and smoth again like a brand new.

No Power Repair

If your PS4 does not turn on at all, it is possiable that you have a defective power supply. Either we will repair your power supply or replace it with a new power supply.